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Could You Use a Free Hour of Kindness?

One Hour Friend gives you someone to listen and care. A kind voice, even if just for a while.

Let's Talk.

Sometimes talking to a friend makes a bad day good, or a good day better.  The mission of is to provide positive companionship for those who need an attentive ear, a shoulder to lean on or a human connection.

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Meet Your New Friend, JT Autrey

About JT

I’m a husband of 28 years, a father of six girls and a grandfather of five who are the apples of my eyes.  I studied English in college, spent five years in small-town journalism, and then served 25+ years as a leader in Information Technology for a Fortune 20 Health Care company.  I have earned multiple awards for accomplishments, values and partnership with customers.  My family and I live in a log home in the woods, along with five dogs and wildlife galore.  I have Kentucky roots, and I find solace and comfort in a nice mountain view.

How It Works

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Your Journey to
Friendship Begins Here

Explore our site and check out the suggested topics below to prepare for our first session!  

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Booking Your Chat

You can book a session by clicking the button below. Email me at with any questions!

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Your Friendship
Session Awaits

I will get back to you shortly to confirm your session and answer any questions you may have.

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What to Expect During a Session offers 60-minute sessions, either audio or video.  There are no subscriptions or profiles required for this service. 

Each session is stand-alone, with minimal effort to book. Most sessions are typically with the site founder, JT. 

Why Start

In both journalism and IT, the most rewarding part of my career was working with and learning from amazing people.  In journalism, I loved interviewing folks - from politicians to athletes to everyday people - to find out what drove them, what made them smile, and what they did to beat adversity (which we all face at times).  In IT, it was helping team members learn and grow their skill sets and careers.  I have been described as genuine and trusted, and I am proud of that.  I am not a social creature, but I thoroughly enjoy one-on-one conversations.  I am confident that starting will provide a positive service to customers.  I am equally confident it will be an enriching and gratifying experience for me as well.

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Let's Spark a Conversation

I like to start and close sessions with “positive karma.”  This can be some large or small bit of recent happiness, or maybe something you are working toward.  Here are other ideas to consider if conversation slows:

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Your family

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Your best friend

Group 1437255524.png

Your passions and hobbies

Group 1437255524.png

Your hometown

Group 1437255524.png

Best day of the week, and why

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Favorite childhood memories

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If you won the lottery, you’d...

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 Know any great (clean) jokes?

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Favorite movies, books, music, food, comic strips*

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Are you a snazzy dresser?

Group 1437255524.png

Top five on your bucket list

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Who do you look up to?

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Best birthday or holiday memory

Group 1437255524.png

Vacations past, present or future

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Teach me a skill!

* Bonus points for Calvin and Hobbes!

I am also very comfo
rtable with silence, if that’s preferred.  Or we can listen to music, read a book or play a game - your call!  More than anything, I’m interested in learning about you, and making sure you find value in the hour we spend together.


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Free 1 Hour Session

This service is being offered Free for the time being.

That could change down the road, but for now I want to learn if this service is of value to anyone.  I’m not worried about making money with it right now.  I’m hopeful if there are people who could use an hour of kindness and caring, they’ll be more likely to sign up for a session if they don’t have to worry about paying for it.

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Keeping Our Time Safe and Respectful

Group 1437255524.png is not a replacement for therapy.  If you are in need of therapy, please continue or pursue it.

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 If you are in crisis, please seek professional help (in the U.S., dial 988).

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This service is available only to adults age 18 and up. 

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 Topics involving illegal activity are not welcome. 

Group 1437255524.png is not a sexual site; look elsewhere for that. 

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 Abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated. 

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* Violations of the last four policies will result in calls being ended immediately, without a refund.

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Get in Touch

Ready to book your session or have questions? Let’s connect. Use the information below to schedule your session, ask a question, or simply share your thoughts.

Contact Details:

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